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About Us

Our Company
ThinkingDEALS LLC, is a multi-national, e-commerce consumer electronics distribution company. Our company is founded on 10 years of computer and consumer electronics retailing experience. Headquartered in Michigan, USA we have served over a 100,000 satisfied customers across the globe with sales over $50 Million.
ThinkingDEALS is a premier member of gsmExchange™, CellPex Network, US Chamber of Commerce, London Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and a top rated business partner on Amazon™, Rakuten™, eBay™ and numerous other platforms. We strive to provide our customers with exemplary service and quality products delivered on time at competitive prices. We aim to foster an environment that encourages continual improvement to respond to the changing needs of our customers.
With a comprehensive quality-check process, expert product knowledge, and unparalleled customer focus, this is the safest place for you to purchase online. Our unbeatable package of quality products, competitive prices, value-added services and repair solutions programs combined with our excellent customer service yields long-term savings and improved performance for our customers. We can help you manage your inventory for increased efficiency and cost savings.